Nov 9 / admin

Installing phpmyadmin on IIS 8.5 Windows 2012 R2

Phpmyadmin is the most widely used tool for managing Mysql database. During my installation I faced difficulty in importing sql files as always it gave me ‘File cannot be read’ error.

Following steps helped to solve the issue.

For PHP Installaion, I made the following changes

Created a new folder c:/php_tmp
Right click and under permissions gave all users write access

Edited php.ini file to

upload_tmp_dir = 'c:/php_tmp'

Installing PhpMyadmin

1) Download phpmyadmin and set it as a website on IIS

2) Rename as and edit following for the lines so that we will be able to import sql files

$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'uploads';
$cfg['SaveDir'] = 'save';

3) Create two folders uploads and save under the root of phpmyadmin folder for e.g c:/web/phpmyadmin/

4) Right click on the folders and give write permissions for ‘Domain/users’.

5) You are good to go.


If still you face issue, check if you have set open_basedir in php.ini. If defined it limits PHP read/write rights to specified path and its subdirectories. Ensure that upload_tmp_dir is inside this path.

Nov 8 / admin

Installing php 5.5 on Windows 2012 R2

Faced hard time today to figure out the issue of  ’The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly’ error while installing php5.5 on windows 2012 R2

Let me explain the steps followed

I assume you have already enabled Fast CGi during role setup for webserver

Download latest version of PHP (as today it is PHP 5.5 (5.5.5)), VC11 x64 Non Thread SafeExtract to C:/php5/
Copy  php.ini-production as php.ini and edit following parameters
date.timezone = "Asia/Bahrain" (please change based on your time zone)
extension_dir = "c:\php5\ext"

set up required extensions you wish to enable and configure

Next Open up the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Select the "Handler Mappings" for your server
Then click the "Add Module Mapping..." found in the top right corner of the Handler Mappings screen.
Then fill in the following information and click OK:
Request path: *.php
Module: Select FastCgiModule
Executable (optional): c:\php5\php-cgi.exe
Name: PHP_via_FastCGI

Your are done.

Now if you create a page test.php with below code, it must work
<?php phpinfo() ?>

Now if you still get error, try the following:-

  1. Download and install the following update as the PHP 5.5  binaries need the latest version

  2. Rightclick on PHP5 folder and under security add IIS User and USERS ( Read and Execute permission)
Nov 2 / admin

Enabling Flash on Firefox – Ubuntu

In case the automatic installation of Firefox plugin fails, you can use the following Manual steps:

Go to
Choose Linux 32-bit  / 64 bit depending on your OS
Choose latest Flash Player on Step 2 and download the file
Once download is complete, right click on the flie (tar.gz) and click on “Extract here”
Launch Terminal (Keyboard Shortcut : Ctrl+Alt+T)
Go to that location where you extracted the file
Run this command : sudo mv /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins
Restart Firefox..

Aug 30 / admin

Much Awaited Merger

At last the much awaited merger has happen, now awe can expect some good packages including HD channels , South Indian and Hindi channels from Orbit.. Now I am depending on Airtel

Here is the news.

Orbit Showtime Network, the pay TV company valued at $2.5 billion by Arqaam Capital, bought Pehla Media & Entertainment.

The purchase will add almost 40 South Asian TV channels in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam languages to OSN’s portfolio, according to a statement distributed at a press conference in Dubai today. The acquisition was financed by internal cash-flow and partly by debt, Chief Executive Officer David Butorac said, declining to provide the value of the deal.

Kuwait Projects Co., which owns 60.5 percent of OSN, said in June it hired Rothschild as the adviser for a possible initial public offering of the pay-TV unit. OSN’s market position and potential for growth created an opportunity for a share sale that Kuwait Projects wants to explore with Mawarid Group, which holds 39.5 percent of the company, Kuwait Projects’s Vice Chairman Faisal Al Ayyar said at that time.

Aug 30 / admin

BBC World News HD

Wow, BBC world news HD is now available on Arabsat.

Frequency- 11785
Symbol Rate – 27500
Polarization – V
Video Type – MPEG4-HD
Video PID – 1110
Audio PID – 1120
PCR PID – 1110




May 12 / admin

Debian 7

I did a fresh install of Debian 7 ( Wheezy) on the box running this blog.. seems nice little more performance and bit less memory usage.

May 7 / admin

Amazon s3 backup using s3cmd 1.1.0 beta2 on Ubuntu

Advantage of using s3cmd 1.1.0 beta2 is that it supports multi part upload which is must to upload files larger than 5 GB.

cd /opt/

Download the s3cmd 1.0.0-beta2 package from SourceForge:


Make sure you have latest version of Python

~/ python -v should show you the version

Again cd /opt/

tar -zxvf  s3cmd-1.1.0-beta2.tar.gz

rename folder to easy name s3cmd

cd s3cmd

python install

Let us move it to a easy folder

mkdir ~/bin/

cp s3cmd ~/bin
cp -R S3 ~/bin

Lets edit our bashrc file so it knows we have installed the s3cmd tool

and add the following to the end…
if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ]; then

Now source the bashrc file so the server knows we changed it.

Now its time to configure the s3cmd tool.

s3cmd –configure

Enter your Amazon S3 Access Key
Enter your Secret Access Key

Test and save it

Now upload a file

using the screen command you can make the upload in the background

screen s3cmd put ./filenametoupload s3://bucketname

to detach the screen

ctrl + a+ d

Feb 2 / admin

Fedora18 on Virtual Box

I tried to install Fedora 18 64 bit on my Virtual Box running on 64 bit windows 8  every time it failed with errors..

Finally I tried downloading 32 bit version and it got installed fine.

Only issue I faced is with the Install Virtual Box Guest Additions because unless other Debian based distributions Fedora does not install developer tools by default.


Sudo bash

enter your root password

yum update kernel*


yum install gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers dkms make bzip2


Jan 29 / admin

Problem Starting Oracle XE Edition

I faced a strange problem on starting Oracle today

“The OracleDb_10gTNSListener Service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the performance logs and Alerts Service”.


Check the listner.ora file inside the Oracle_Home / Network setting and make sure that Host Name is same as your PC name.

:) simple

Aug 20 / admin 4.5 Update

Microsoft released new version of 4.5 last week.

Even though it is 4.5, it does not create any new version under IIS 7 application pool settings, it still remain as ASP.NET 4.0

Only change I noticed is that

before version number was  4.0.30319.269 and after installing 4.5 it changed to 4.0.30319.17929

If you have a website running on 4 you can easily change it to 4.5 doing the following update on web.config file

<httpRuntime targetFramework=”4.5″ />

Stand alone version of 4.5 installer can be downloaded from