Phpmyadmin is the most widely used tool for managing Mysql database. During my installation I faced difficulty in importing sql files as always it gave me ‘File cannot be read’ error.

Following steps helped to solve the issue.

For PHP Installaion, I made the following changes

Created a new folder c:/php_tmp
Right click and under permissions gave all users write access

Edited php.ini file to

upload_tmp_dir = 'c:/php_tmp'

Installing PhpMyadmin

1) Download phpmyadmin and set it as a website on IIS

2) Rename as and edit following for the lines so that we will be able to import sql files

$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'uploads';
$cfg['SaveDir'] = 'save';

3) Create two folders uploads and save under the root of phpmyadmin folder for e.g c:/web/phpmyadmin/

4) Right click on the folders and give write permissions for ‘Domain/users’.

5) You are good to go.


If still you face issue, check if you have set open_basedir in php.ini. If defined it limits PHP read/write rights to specified path and its subdirectories. Ensure that upload_tmp_dir is inside this path.

Installing phpmyadmin on IIS 8.5 Windows 2012 R2

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