When I brought SUN Direct , I was joyed with the fact that it should work same till 2018 ( proposed satellite life). Unfortunately Insat 4B got an unexpected power issue which lead to the lose of 50% transponders. Sun direct was later  shifted to Measat 3 in mid 2010, which didn’t had enough coverage (to spill its signals over Middle East).

It marked the end of 24×7 good quality signals from any Indian DTH provider even though some claim Reliance Digital TV is working, but i am not sure… as I can read lot of issues from forums about the reception. Technicians claim good signals with 240cms dish but is too costly and is not worth to invest in present situation.

May Airtel signals be strong here as they are just moving to SES7

Note:- Now we can receive DD direct plus channels from the same dish using any free to air receiver 24×7.

Death of Indian DTH in Bahrain

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